Water is life!  Running whitewater inspires and edifies the tools for living to the fullest.  Salmon River Adventure Company is passionate about getting people out on the river together.  We believe that your experience on the water spills over into every aspect of your life.  We are dedicated to guiding, coaching, and awakening the river running community through authentic outdoor experiences.

Guests leave Salmon River Adventure Company with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to run rivers.  In addition to our camp awakening a love for the rivers, our guests discover their own capacity for stretching their comfort zone, motivation for seeking their stoke, and awakened self-confidence and leadership.  We love rivers and want to share that passion with you.



Whitewater is our family’s way of life! We, Tommy and Polly Hilleke, met on the river in our early 20’s. Kayaking brought us adventure, beauty, challenge, and love.  Early on we discovered how powerful the river experience could be and that shared river adventuring was all the more inspiring and powerful.  From there our passion has only grown, seeking ways to share river running with family, friends and beyond.  Raising our four sons on water, kayaking rivers and skiing snow, has been our joy.  Through all our expeditions, we learned the value of being on water as a family, teaching the next generation about river running and inspiring environmental mindfulness. It is that passion which inspired our dream to operate a family run river business.  A space for shared joy and adventure, but also a place to safely educate and inspire river running passion in others.   

For 15 years we explored numerous ideas, rafting companies to campgrounds, and through it all, our vision remained constant – create a place where we could get people out on the river together.  After we had the amazing experience of kayaking the Grand Canyon as a family in 2020, we jumped in and purchased our base camp.  With Tommy’s parent’s help we founded Salmon River Adventure Company in 2021, it is the culmination of our dream – a place to create “peak adventure” experiences.  We are a true family run operation and enjoy meeting the people that come to stay with us. We all share a common love for the river and want to share that with you.

Please come and see how a family dream becomes a reality – on the river.

Hope to see your soon!
– Tommy & Polly Hilleke